Pérez Pascuas Gran Selección


This wine is the result of choiced grapes from vines over 60 years old. Mauro Pérez was born surrounded by the vines of Pedrosa de Duero. A wise man with a deep love of his land, he tilled the vineyards and planted vines that today are the source of this unique wine.

The old wise, crooked vines in the Valtarreña Estate, filled with many virtues acquired throughout their long life, produce grapes of exceptional quality.


This is “The Family’s wine”. Its supreme quality is its highest exponent. Beautiful, very intense, lively colour. Complex aroma,blending primary notes of red currants and liquorice with numerous spicy and mineral hints. A very wide wine, voluptuous and well-balanced.

Ripe tannins, ample and firm. The magic of the terroir and an outstanding vinification worthy of praise for the difficulties its making entailed, place this wine at the summit.

What fullness of nuances! Grandiose, with an inmense potential in the bottle. A yield of barely 18 hectolitres per hectare was obtained for this wine.


Grape variety :

100% tinto fino (Tempranillo).



26 months in casks

36 months in the bottle before being put on the market.


Limited production of numbered bottles.