By José Manuel Pérez Ovejas –enologist and technical director of  Bodegas Hnos. Pérez Pascuas .

Onces fermentations are over, it is time to make first objective evaluations.

Grapegrowers, winemakers and enologist have faced a very different, special and non common harvest.

In the vineyard since the moment when the grapes started to take shape, we could notice that vintage 2014 was a high-yield harvest.

The solution to reduce production was to carry out at least two crop thinnings at the right moment to control the production and get the maximum quality. All those who did not remove bunches of grapes from the vineplants, “the most difficult and painful  farming task” -as Benjamín says- have not achieved  the excellence. It is that simple: you sacrifice quantity so that you get superior quality. In our case we reduce the production by 30% at least.

A crucial factor on wine quality is the date to start the grapepicking.  If we look for ripness, freshness and balance, we cannot make a mistake choosing the wrong moment to collect the grapes.

I must say that this vintage 2014 has been a harvest for experienced grapegrowers and winemakers. Talent and “savoir faire” have been required more than ever during the whole winemaking process.

A hard and very demanding work all the year round has been rewarded. As a enologist and technical director of Bodegas Hnos. Pérez Pascuas, I must say that I feel very satisfied with wines vintage 2014. 

After the tasting of the first wines, I affirm that 2014 wines will be strong personality wines, perfectly balance, very complex and elegant.

It has been my harvest number 25 at Bodegas Hnos. Pérez Pascuas and all my feelings were the same ones than all those I experienced at harvest 1989.

Jose Manuel Pérez Ovejas