It is October and in Ribera del Duero starts the grape- picking with the same excitement from always. Every wine cellar wants to make the very best wine and it is possible just when grapes are excellent.

Key factors like the “savoir faire” of grapegrower and winemaker, the weather all the year around, the soil of the vineyard ….. contribute to grape quality.

 “Lazy harvest” those words are used by Benjamín Pérez Pascuas to describe 2013 harvest. He was awarded as the best grapgrower in Castilla y León just a few days before the grape-picking started. “This year the grape picking is later than the year before, but Tempranillo grape shows very well, very healthy and with excellent sugar level. Now the only thing we need, It is good weather to finish the picking properly” said the eldest brother.

 At Bodegas Hnos. Pérez Pascuas, the grapegrowing team has worked hard all the year: perfect pruning at winter time, good green pruning, de-leafing, very demanding crop thinning, de-leafing …. All those tasks, with the same goal: Excellence. “This year more than ever, crop thinning has been so important to get perfect ripeness level. The only way to get premium grapes, It is doing a perfect farming.

We know that our grapegrowing philosophy implies a big investment in the vineyard but on the other side, I must say that the better you care vineplants, the less you depend on weather conditions, and this is extremely important on years like this one, It will be the origin of very big differences on the resulting wines” said Daniel Pérez.

Pérez Pascuas family knows a lot about teamwork. José Manuel Pérez praises the excellent work carried out by Benjamín and Daniel. “All the decisions made on farming in 2013 were right and that is why grapes ripened properly. Wines from 2013 vintage will be fresh, elegant, well-balanced and really good wines for bottle ageing” stressed José Manuel Pérez, enologist of Bodegas Hnos. Pérez Pascuas.


José Manuel Pérez and his team controlled the first grape juice from vintage 2013, this is the beginning of a long work in the cellar. Lots of nerves, lots of work and lots of emotions in the winemaking room.

And once more time, after big effort, big prize. A great wine comes into the world, Viña Pedrosa 2013.